Progress We’ve Made – Living Room (Part 1)

Like we said, we have already done some work on a few rooms in the house. Of those, the living room, the largest room upstairs, is currently the furthest along. We still have lots planned, but for now let’s show you what we started with.

(Our kitty, Trixie, snuck into the shot above…)

We love the charm of this room with the working fireplace, built-in shelves, bay window, hardwood floors, and a opening that looks into the kitchen. Some of the things we weren’t too crazy about were the wall colors, the random gold patches around the room (neither of us are big fans of gold…), and the cables hanging out of the wall (Can you say “tacky”?).

When we moved in, we didn’t have much to put in this room. Just a rug, two end tables, and a coffee table from when we lived in our old place (a stereotypical duplex). We left the window treatments, as well as a couple stools that all came with the house. Don’t you just love the look of no real seating and the too-large-for-the room coffee table and end tables? Yeah, neither did we.

Obviously, we had quite a lot of work to do. We knew one of the first things we wanted to do was paint the walls, so we headed to Sherwin Williams to pick up paint swatches to choose the colors. As I was looking at the various colors, I loved the Latte and the Dove Tail together.

I showed them to Ricky and he agreed. They also matched the rug that we had already put in the room. Perfect! We decided to use the Latte as the main color in the living room and down the hallway, and the Dove Tail as an accent wall around the fireplace. The trim we decided to repaint Extra White. We used Sherwin Williams Duration Home paint, which we got during one of their fantastic 40% off events. We got a Satin finish for the wall colors and Semi-Gloss for the trim. We got a gallon of both the Latte and Dove Tail, which was perfect for the Latte, but WAAAYYYY too much for the Dove Tail accent. Lesson learned: Less wall space = Less paint. But at least we have plenty for touch ups! We might even use some of this color downstairs so it certainly won’t be wasted.

Anyway, many hours of painting later…

Doesn’t that look better already!?!? Even though it’s dark, you can still get an idea of the effect the color has on the room. We are also thinking the Dove Tail color would look great in the back of the built-in shelves but we haven’t gotten there yet.

We love how the colors have turned out in this room and look forward to it being completed… someday. Next week we’ll talk about STUFF! In other words, furniture, accessories, curtains, etc.



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