Progress We’ve Made: Living Room (Part 2)

After painting the living room (see more on that here), we began the search for furniture by checking stores in the area and Craigslist. After a few weeks of looking, we lucked out and found a listing on Craigslist for an entire living room set (a couch, chase, coffee table, two end tables, and two lamps). The furniture was still relatively unused. The owners were getting rid of it because they downsized their home and no longer had room for it. Plus they were only asking $650 for everything! Awesome! We emailed the seller and drove about 30 minutes to take a look and loved it. Since we have two cars and didn’t have access to a large enough vehicle for all of the furniture, we rented a U-Haul van for around $70. So for around $720 dollars we were able to fully furnish our living room. YAY!

We already had the purple pillows. The maroon and brown pillows on the chase came with the furniture, but we plan on replacing them down the road, as well as the maroon and cream lampshades.

We were thankful to have these curtains when we moved in, but they were not our style. They were also hard to open and close on the standard curtain rod, especially since you had to reach across the the couch to get to them.

We decided to get a double traverse curtain rod (this one from Lowe’s) so the curtains would be easier to open and close. We found these curtains and these sheers from Target (along with two blue pillow for the couch) that matched our style much better.

As far as accessories and wall art go, we have not added very much yet. We are trying to use what we have and gradually add items that we will love, such as the “Home” sign on the mantel, which I got from Ross a few months ago. The shelves to the left of the fireplace are from Kohl’s. We used them in our first place, but finally hung them last month. We love how they balance the curio cabinet on the other side.

The built-in shelves in the living room add so much to the room. The accessories are mostly things we had on hand, some of which may change down the road, but for now we’re using what we had. The 6, 7, & 8 (from Michael’s) are in honor of our wedding date (we got married on June 7, 2008), so I plan on keeping them there, for now.

We feel like we have made a lot of progress on this room since moving here 15 months ago and we love the way this room is beginning to feel more like our home. We still have lots of plan for this room though. Here are some of our ideas:

-Add a mirror to the inset area above the fireplace (to make the room feel larger and bounce more light around).

-Add crown molding.

-Paint the back of the built-ins the same as the accent color on the fireplace wall (to bring the that color to the other side of the room).

-Repaint the gold accents on the fireplace doors and ceiling fan (or replace the ceiling fan depending on how the repainting goes).

-Replace the light in the hall.

-Add a gallery wall down the hall (we have been already been collecting pictures frames).

-Add more art and accessories on the wall.

-Add accessories to coffee tables, end tables, mantel, and built-ins.

That’s where we are in the living room. We will keep you updated on any and all changes. So what do you think?  Personally I have loved looking back on how far we have come. What about you? Have you been making any gradual changes.  Still trying to figure what you love, like us. Any quick and easy upgrades or accessorizing that you have made in your home? We would love to hear about it.



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