Going Green…

….in the dining room. For a change of pace, I thought I would switch up the title for this week. We are still walking you through the progress we have made, room-by-room, and today we are headed into the dinning room. Here is what the room looked like before:

Before any improvements

Choosing a color for the dining room took a while, but I knew I wanted it to be a shade of green. We placed several swatches on the walls to see what they looked like  at different times of the day. That narrowed it down to two (a darker and a lighter shade from the same swatch). After suggestions from a few friends and family members, we decided on Livable Green from Sherwin Williams, the lighter of the two. After prepping and painting the walls and trim, here is what we ended up with.

I love how the color turned out in this room, it is such a nice warm green. I tried to block off the room as I was painting so our puppy, Brodie, wouldn’t get into the paint. Unfortunately, I was not successful.

Silly Brodie.

After painting, we began hunting down a rug to add some warmth to the room. So one Saturday we checked out some stores in our area and found one at Lowes. It has a simple design, a warm tan color with green running through it, and it isn’t very thick so cleaning up crumbs and food will be simple.

Unfortunately, we didn’t measure before we went shopping, so it is a little smaller than we would have liked, but we have plans to change some things (adding a few new pieces of furniture, moving things around, etc.) so we think it will work.

As with all of the rooms in our house, we still have lots of plans. Our dining room plans are mostly inspired by this room from Bower Power (before they added the paneling) if you’d like to get an idea of what we’re going for. Here is the breakdown:

-Purchase new dinning room table (We would like to get a counter height table with a leaf in the middle for additional seating.)

-Move the desk downstairs to the guest room

-Finished painting the cabinet, add cabinet pulls, spray paint hardware

-Add shelving to kitchen-side wall

-Get and paint a dry sink that my grandparents are giving us

-Add mirrors above the dry sink

-Add crown molding

-Change the closet to a pantry/extra storage (It is currently a standard closet and isn’t very practical for this room.)

-Possibly add chair railing and paint the lower section a darker shade of the existing color (We still haven’t decided if we want to do this…)

-Add other accessories and decorations

Anyone else going green with painting or otherwise? Or tried to keep your pet out of the room to avoid him getting painted, but totally failed? We would love to hear from you, just leave us a comment.



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