Black ‘N’ Salmon

One room in our house that I can’t wait to renovate is the bathroom. Oh, the bathroom… When you walk into this bathroom, you definitely think “Yep, that’s a 60’s bathroom.” And the accessories that came with the house were not helping it out at ALL. Here’s what we started with:

See what I mean? Crazy. If you can’t tell, that is Salmon colored tile. With pink walls. And a peach shower curtain. Just a lot of pink-ish stuff! Unfortunately, we currently don’t have the funds or the time to gut and redo it, but eventually that’s exactly what we hope to do. Our home inspector told us we could paint over the tile, but after some research, we don’t want to deal with the stinky-ness of the primer and paint you have to use (I like my lungs too much). So for now, black and salmon tile it is.

Since we can’t do a complete renovation, we are making a few smaller changes until that time comes. We started by repainting the room a soft gray (we used Walmart paint for now because it was less expensive and we know we will be changing it down the road), removing the old caulk in the shower, and re-caulking with white, water-resistant caulk. Then we replaced the shower curtain with one we received as a house warming gift, changed out the curtain for a black valance from Walmart.

(The picture below shows the true color of the walls the best.)

As far as accessories go, we purchased a new bath mat and towels from Target to go with the new color. We found a basket at Ross that was the perfect size to hold magazines and cut the handles off to make it easier to put the magazines in and out. While at Ross, we also found a bamboo shelf (for some additional storage) and a couple of toilet paper holders (one for each bathroom).

I like to keep issues of Better Homes & Gardens, DoTerra Living, and Do It Yourself Magazine in the magazine basket.

Ricky likes having Tape Op, and Sweetwater catalogs around.

The bamboo shelf fits perfectly beside the sink and adds a nice texture on that side.

This room still needs a LOT of work but for now this is where we are. Some things we would like to change, some now some down the road, are:

-Paint the ceiling either the same color as the wall (I’ve heard this is a good idea for small spaces) or repaint it white

-Paint the trim

-Replace the valance and mini blind with a light brown bamboo (or similar type) of blind

-Replace the mirror

-Replace the light fixture above the sink

-Replace the ventilation fan with a quieter one (Loud vent fans drive me CRAZY!)

-Repaint the vanity

-Replace the hardware on the vanity

-Replace the sink faucet

-Replace the shower faucet

-Replace the hardware on the door

-Add more accessories and decorations

Eventually we would like to:

-Gut the entire room

-Replace the vanity and vanity top

-Replace the floor with something other than vinyl

-Retile the shower area

-Reglaze the bathtub

-Drywall the rest of the bathroom, where tile is currently

I know it is a long list and we’ll get there some day. The journey is part of the fun, right? So what about you guys? Do you have a room that you don’t really care for now, but have plans to change eventually? Or a long list of things you want to do in a room? Any salmon colored walls or tile (you have my sympathy)? We would love to hear from you, leave us a comment.



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