The Basement’s Alive with the Sound of Music (Part 1)

Hey everyone, this is Ricky. Amy’s been really busy this week getting things ready for her sister’s baby shower! So I guess it’s about time I put in my two cents on this blog. So let’s take a trip down to the basement and take a look at my favorite room: my recording studio!

Well, I guess it’s more of a project studio than a full recording studio… for now! This is one of those spaces that we knew was a necessity when we were “home shopping”. I knew I needed a space to have my audio equipment (and hopefully my drums) set up all the time for me to work. Our house has two “bedrooms” downstairs (they almost qualify as bedrooms, but the windows are too small). When we toured the house, we knew immediately that one bedroom was destined to be our primary “guest bedroom” and the other was to become THE RICKY ROOM!!!!!

Here’s the space outside of the studio:

We use that space as our family room, but there’s a nice big area in the back (right outside the studio) for me to set up my drums! Ricky is a happy camper.

Here’s what the studio looked like when I first moved some stuff in:

And turning back toward the door is a little work space:

Well…we all have to start somewhere…

So here’s my main problems:

1.) Computer monitor. This was an old Dell CRT monitor. To paraphrase Genie: “Phenomenal waste of power, itty-bitty working space.” These old monitors are so bulky, but I couldn’t get a decent screen resolution out of it. Hardly any working space on the desktop at all. Ideally, I wanted two monitors, but this was working for now.

2.) The desk. This desk was given to me many, many years ago. And it had served its purpose. But it was time for this thing to GO! Ergonomically, I wanted to sit facing the back wall, but this desk is designed to sit at a 45 degree angle to the actual desk. You can’t really tell by this picture, but you’ll see in a minute. The desktop is shaped that way, the keyboard tray slides at that angle… It was just a pain (literally) to work at.

3.) Rack space. A great amount of audio gear is rack-mountable. Most of the equipment I have is not, but I have a few items in my shopping cart on Sweetwater that are. I gotta have a rack. I’d been thinking about building one myself (even had some plans drawn up), but hadn’t done it yet.

4.) Acoustic treatment. This is a pretty square room. And it sounds like it. So acoustic treatment is a must for this room.

Here’s how I’ve addressed some of those issues:

1.) One day, whilst perusing the magical world of, I came across this:

That’s a 22” 1080p LED monitor and they were selling them cheap! I bought two.

WooHoo! They are fantastic. I have so much screen space now. I would have preferred them side-by-side, but that wasn’t happening on this desk. Speaking of which….

2.) The main categories that I check regularly on Craigslist are Musical Instruments, Free (cause you can’t beat free!), and Furniture. For some reason, I LOVE looking through the furniture listings on Craigslist. There’s usually a lot of junk and a lot of expensive “dealer” listings, but occasionally you find some interesting items. Say hello to my interesting little friend:

This desk is SO MUCH BETTER!!! I can sit straight at it, plenty of space, and the monitors (sorta) fit side-by-side. In that picture they are sitting on a shelf from further down.

So if you look closely you can see that the basic design of the desk has two pieces that come up on the left and right sides that work perfect for my studio monitors (speakers). But I really wanted those computer monitors side-by-side in the middle. I figured I could bridge that gap with a piece of plywood, so that became the plan.

I really want to go into more detail about this process and transformation, so I’ll continue this next week. But here’s a little sneak peak:

To be continued….


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