We’ve Got Work To Do

Since Ricky and I have shown you all of the rooms that we have made some progress in today we’d like to show you around the rest of the house (well, the rest of the inside, we’ll get to the outside later). We haven’t made much, if any, progress in those rooms. Mainly have just added some furniture but over time we’ll get there. So on with the tour of our yet-to-be-worked-on-rooms. As I had mentioned before the second bedroom upstairs I am currently using as my dressing room. It is also used to store a few items that haven’t found a home for yet or that we have plans for in future projects.

The plan: replace the curtains, add a twin or daybed, paint, replace or paint the ceiling fan, accessorize/decorate, and move the items that are being stored to their permanent location.

The last room upstairs is our Florida room. I love this room, even though we haven’t done a thing to it, it is my favorite room in the house.

The plan: paint, replace the curtains, paint or stain (a darker color) the trim, accessorize/decorate and change a few furniture pieces. One of which is the end table next to the love seat. It is part of a set we use in our previous place that is too large for any room here (so you will see the other end table and coffee table downstairs).

Next are the stairs that lead to the basement, located between the kitchen and the dining room.

The plan: paint and add a few pictures down the stairs.

Directly in front of the stairs is our laundry room. The door is unpainted because we had to widen the door to get our couch into the family room and haven’t painted it yet (sorry we forgot to document that progress)

The plan: paint, replace hardware, accessorize/decorate, eventually we would love to add a utility sink.

Down a small hallway, to the right is the guest room.

The plan: paint, change curtains add a headboard, add decorations/accessories, and furniture pieces, sell end table (it goes with the one in the Florida room).

On the opposite side of the hall is a second full bathroom. We love having two full bathrooms, and this one is a great size with lots of storage. We also love that when we have company that they have their own private bathroom.

The plan: add wainscoting, paint above the wainscoting (probably a rich, dark color), add decorations/accessories.

The last room is the family room; this is where we spend most of our time. We love the chofa (chaise/sofa), even though we had to widen a door to get it down here. (The green foof chair we are currently storing for my sister.)

The plan: paint, change out the coffee table (we’re thinking of using two small tables instead of one long one), add a media center (Ricky is planning on building one), add decorations/accessories, and adding additional storage bins/baskets.

So that is where we are now and we have a lot of work to do. Please tell me we not the only ones still with a several unfinished rooms, I need a support group, ha-ha. We’ll get there; we’re taking it one day at a time, tackling one project at a time. We have lots of plans and ideas but don’t want to rush into anything.


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