Only One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas.

Sorry we haven’t posted anything for the last few weeks. Things have been a little crazier than usual for us and we appreciate you bearing with us.

Merry Christmas Eve!! We’re so excited Christmas is here! We just had our first snow and things are finally feeling like Christmas! We’re getting ready to settle down, put on some holiday PJ’s, grab some eggnog, and watch “The Muppet Christmas Carol” (our Christmas Eve traditions), but we wanted to share a little of our decorations with you before the visions of sugar plums take over in our heads.

First off, I have a confession. I have an ornament problem. I mean, a real ornament problem. For over 10 years, I have been collecting them and that collection has gotten very large. We’re talking over 100 ornaments (not including the ornament balls). So… yeah, we have a lot. But I also love Christmas trees! And this year we have three!! (Which works out well to hold all those ornaments!)

We put up our first tree in the basement. It’s an artificial 6 ½ foot tree that we got a few years ago for $5 at the flea market. We went for a more traditional style with a whimsical, childlike feel using a lot of green, brown, and red. It took us a while to find a good topper (about two years to be specific), but last week I found one at Kohl’s that goes perfectly. And with a 30% off coupon we couldn’t resist.

Downstairs Christmas Tree 2012

Our second tree made it’s home in the Florida room. This one is an artificial 7 ½ foot Virginia Pine that we got on after-Christmas clearance from Target last year. It has more of an elegant style with white lights and silver ornaments. We still haven’t decided on a topper for it, but still love the overall look and feel.

Florida Room Christmas Tree 2012

Our third tree is in the living room. This one’s a little 5 foot artificial tree that some friends of ours no longer needed. I wanted it to look like it was covered in snow, so I used layers of artificial snow used in Christmas villages to create the look. I used the remaining snow around the base of the tree as a “skirt”. Then I added a ’12 Days of Christmas’ set of ornaments, along with some purple and white ornaments to fill it out. We’re so happy with how it turned out!

Living Room Christmas Tree 2012

We also decorated the mantel and the built-ins in the living room. We draped greenery over the mantle (using three screws that were already in place) and used silver ribbon to hang purple ornaments at varying heights from the greenery. We ran white lights around the greenery (actually its the same strand as what’s on the tree) to make it pop a little more. Finally, we hung our family stocking (by the chimney with care) and finished it off with two clear, “snow”-filled packages and a blue, snowflake basket.

Mantel Christmas 2012

Fireplace Garland Christmas 2012

In the built-ins have been decorated with Christmas mugs, some fake ice skates, and Christmas pails with candles inside.

Built-ins Christmas 2012

So that’s the bulk of our Christmas decorations this year. We hope you are able to take this time and enjoy it with family, friends, and loved ones.

Merry Christmas!!

-Ricky & Amy Furr