We’re back and we’ve got plans!

Hey! It’s been a while since we posted on here. Sorry we’ve been gone for so long, but we’re back and ready to jump into 2013 and get things DONE!

We’ve got some plans for this year, for both our home and blog, including expanding out some of the topics we’re going to discuss here. We still want to focus on DIY home decor, crafting, organization, and the like. But we also want to start posting some about things like recipes/meal planning, budgeting, and our lives in general. We’re looking forward to sharing!

In the meantime, we want to do something more for us. We’ve already posted plans for each room, but we wanted to get a “New Year To-Do List” together to get our heads in the right place. So here’s a list of what we would like to accomplish this year:

Living Room:

Paint gold accent on fireplace

Paint built-ins

Add mirror above fireplace

Find art for gallery wall

Create gallery wall down hall


Paint wood paneling

Make roman shade for window (We already got the perfect fabric for it.)

Create command center for all the paperwork that ends up in the kitchen

Upstairs Bathroom:

Paint ceiling same color as wall (I’ve heard it helps a small room look larger.)

Hang wall art

Change out ventilation fan

2nd Bedroom (AKA Amy’s Dressing Room):

Choose paint color

Paint walls

Replace window treatments

Organize closet

Master Bedroom:

Stain bed frame

Stain end tables

Hang wall art

Move old headboard to guest room

Dinning Room:

Finish painting cabinet (I have been working on this project for far too long. It’s time to get-it-done!)

Move desk and shelves to guest room

Bring in dry sink

Florida Room (AKA Sunroom):

Replace window treatments

Family Room:

Add acoustic treatment (for Ricky’s recordings)

Find/hang wall art

Downstairs Bathroom:

Add wainscoting

Choose paint color

Paint walls/trim

Add frame around mirror

Replace ventilation fan

Replace towel bars

Laundry Room:

Paint new door

Paint walls and trim

Guest Room:

Bring in desk/shelves from dinning room

Bring in headboard from master bedroom

Organize closet

So that’s our goal…for now. We may end up changing a few things. You never know with us. But we’re excited to start checking off this list as we move through 2013!

-Ricky & Amy



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