Now We’re Stylin’!

I love spending time with my hubby. Whether it’s going out and doing something, working on a project, just sitting at home and enjoying each others company, it’s one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, with our current schedules, we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like. I work during the day and Ricky usually works more in the evenings. But that means when we have a day to spend together, we appreciate it so much more!

A few weeks ago, we had one of those rare days. I got off early from work and Ricky didn’t have to work that evening so we had an entire half day all to ourselves.

We decided to spend the evening doing some shopping, having dinner out, and going for some frozen yogurt (Yum!). After looking around a few thrift and discount stores (Gotta love a bargain!) and not finding anything, we had dinner, and then decided to look around Hobby Lobby. We hadn’t been to Hobby Lobby in quite a while and we really enjoyed looking around and brainstorming some decorating ideas for the house.

While we were looking around, Ricky was pointing out some items that I really liked, but I had no idea he would like them also! We only ending up buying a few things that night, but we got some really great ideas. Plus, we discovered that our decorating style is more alike then I knew!

Sometimes it takes some “window shopping” to discover your style. Take a little bit of time walking around a store, pointing out things that each of you like. Don’t hold back. If you like something just a little bit, say something! Maybe explain a little bit about where you imagine it, or if there’s something else it would go with. Then compare the items that each of you point out. Is there a common factor? Maybe both of you lean toward a more rustic/country style? Or maybe you tend to point out vintage-looking pieces? Or modern elements with clean lines and neutral colors? There are so many different styles out there, but try look for items you love and think about how they can come together in a space.

Once you figure out the ways that your styles compliment each other, you can start to design a space that BOTH of you feel comfortable in. It’s not just about making a room look nice, it’s about creating a living environment that makes you both feel comfortable and at home.


We’re not paid or perked for mentioning Hobby Lobby. We just like to shop there.


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