Shadow Box + White Rose + Scrapbook Paper = Sentimental Wall Art

We’ve said before that we would like to have a gallery wall down the hallway of the living room. We purchased some frames, but unfortunately I haven’t found/made any art to go into the frames. (We want to use items that have special meaning to us). That is, until now! While rearranging the closet in the second bedroom I found a white rose Ricky gave to me on our wedding day.

White Rose Wedding

I have been trying to keep it safe all these years until I decided how to display it, but as I was cleaning out the closet the stem broke. Oh, no! Then it dawned on me: it’s now the perfect size to put in a shadow box!
Shadow Box
I wanted to add interest behind the rose using scrapbook paper. I rummaged thought several pages I had collected and until I found the perfect backdrop.

Scrapbook Paper

I trimmed it to size and taped it to the matting.

Taped Scrapbook paper

Scrapbook paper attached

Then I positioned the rose to until I liked the placement.

Rose placement

To attach the rose to the paper, I added a small dab of glue from a hot glue gun to the stem. I only used a little bit because I didn’t want to damage the rose and the rose was light enough that it didn’t require any additional adhesive.

Hot glue rose

Rose attached

Then I put the shadow box together and voila! Seminal wall art!

Finished Rose Shadow Box

Now only about 20 more items to finish our gallery wall…


6 thoughts on “Shadow Box + White Rose + Scrapbook Paper = Sentimental Wall Art

  1. Love this! Look at you using your creativity in such wonderful ways! And the next step? A painting maybe? 😉 Love your blog Amy and I’m so happy you are doing well!

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