Where’s Our House?

I love our house. I really do. But most of the time (OK… all of the time…) I don’t feel like it is our house. It still feels like it belongs to the previous owners. I want to remedy that. I know it will take time and that plans may change, but I want to make it ours.

So what’s stopping me? I think its a few things:

1. Because I can’t change the big things right now, I’m having a hard time looking past them at the little things I can change.

For instance, I would love to gut and redo our kitchen and upstairs bathroom.
We don’t care for the peach and black tile OR the flooring in the upstairs bathroom. I know some people would love to have vintage tile, but it’s just not us.


Bathroom Progress Sink

I feel like the kitchen doesn’t works for us either. It isn’t a very large space, but I feel like it would function a lot better if it was laid out differently.

Kitchen towards living room

Kitchen After Fridge

But both of those are big projects. Projects we can’t afford to do right now. So why am I letting them stop me for what I can do?

2. We don’t have the money.


Currently we are working on paying off student loans. Fortunately, besides our house, those loans are our only debt. We don’t want to go into debt to fix up the house, but that doesn’t need to stop us. There are so many projects right now that I know I can do at little to no cost.

3. I’m scared.

I’ll admit, I’m scared that I will mess something up. “What if I do that wrong? What if I spend the money and then I don’t like it?” So what!?! I need to keep telling myself that everyone makes mistakes and that’s how we learn. Right?

4. Where do I start?


There are so many project ideas running around in my head at any given moment. So many, in fact, that it’s hard for me to stay focused on one room at a time. With all these ideas competing for space in my head I can’t decide where to start. Ricky keeps telling me that I need focus on one room at a time. Get one room completed before moving on to the next one. And I know he’s right.

So I’m going to try to stop letting these things stop me from doing something (Anything!) to start making this house our home. Do you have something that’s holding you back? I challenge you to ask yourself why it’s holding you back and do something to overcome those fears.


6 thoughts on “Where’s Our House?

  1. try adding your own splash back to your kitchen and changing the doors, that will make it look and feel like a brand new kitchen. Check out my posts on Lustrolite for example, might be known as zenolite where you are from. in the bathroom you could change the taps, shower head, flooring and paint the tiles or clad it with plastic cladding to make it look brand new and your own!

  2. Go forth young woman! The first step is always the hardest. Start with paint, it’s a cost effective punch and can change a room entirely and if you hate it, paint over it! Your house is so cute. Excited to watch the changes.

  3. Start small! One project at a time right? 🙂 I understand how those big things can be so daunting, I know I’ve felt the same way. You’ll get there, and I can’t wait to see how you do along the way. 🙂

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