Let’s Brighten Things Up

The past few weeks have been pretty wet and dreary here in Virginia, so while on a grocery run I decided to purchase some flowers to brighten things up.
Don’t you love how flowers can brighten up a room? Ricky usually gets flowers for me from our local grocery store, Martin’s. They are less expensive then from a regular floral shop and the flowers usually last a good 3 or 4 weeks. These particular flowers were just calling my name, so I decided to grab a few for myself this time! 

To help keep flowers looking lovely, when I first get them home I fill a vase with cold water and add the flower “food” that’s usually included. Then I trim about a 1/2″ off the end of the flower stems while holding the cutting point under running water. I cut them at an angle and remove all of the leaves that will be below the rim of the vase. After that, I try to change out the water and re-trim the stems about 1/2″ every week.
Do you love to keep fresh flowers in your house? Do you prefer potted plants that don’t die as quickly? Or maybe you prefer silk that don’t die at all? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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