That helps

I mentioned that I don’t feel like our house feels like ours yet. But as I was walking around the house the other day I noticed something that has made it seem less like we’re living in someone else’s house.

A few months ago, we had a yard sale with my sister and brother-in-law. As we gathered things we no longer wanted/needed, I decided to take down the last of the curtains that the previous owner had left and sell them. I didn’t like them, I knew we wouldn’t be keeping them, and we could live with no window treatments in those couple rooms for a while until we find what we like.
Sunroom before

Sunroom Before

Sunroom after
Sunroom no curtains

We did leave the curtains on the sliding glass doors for privacy, but eventually they will come down and be changed also.

Second Bedroom before
2nd Bedroom Before
Second bedroom after

2nd Bedroom no curtains
Even though the windows are bare (for now), I think it has helped the rooms feel more like a clean slate. Now we can find what we love and transform them to reflect our style!
So that might be something to remember when you move into a new place: try removing anything (within reason) that doesn’t reflect your style and start with a clean slate. I might help things feel more fresh and inspirational!


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