Lavishly Decorating

I’m so excited to share my new decorating adventure with you guys. A few weeks ago, our pastor’s wife/women’s ministry leader approached me about joining the women’s ministry team to head up the decorating. Of course my response was to jump up and down shouting YES!!! saying I’d love too. I was thrilled, overjoyed, excited….nervous. Can I really do this?!?!? Ricky was excited for me, which helped boost my confidence a little. But after our first ministry team meeting I felt MUCH better, knowing the other members of the team were there for support and ideas.

We had our first event a few weeks ago and it was amazing! We had 121 women there, which was the most they ever had and I was a part of it! 

For that event, I needed to decorate a welcome table and a stage, both of which can be a challenge in their own way, but I was especially overwhelmed by the stage. After some Pinterest searching (Side note: Pinterest doesn’t have much when it comes to stage decoration, not that I could find anyway…) and some ideas from ladies, we decided to keep the stage simple and elegant by placing candles everywhere.  Let me say: Best. Idea. Ever! It was gorgeous!

 Lavish Stage Candle light (wide)

Lavish Stage Candle Light (close up)

The welcome table was covered with a brown table cloth. I made a welcome banner to drape across the front, placed some flowers in a vase, and set two flameless candles on either side.

Lavish Welcome Table

(Sorry, the banner got a little washed out)

To create the welcome sign, I cut scrapbook paper into triangles, placed letters on the front to spell “welcome”, used a hole punch to place holes in the corners of the triangles, and threaded yarn through the holes. I already had everything on hand so this entire craft was free! Actually, the only thing we bought for the night was the flowers. We used what we had and borrowed items. Yay! 

Even though I only played a small part in it, I’m so happy that I could be part of what God is doing through our women’s ministry and thankful I am able to use this gift of decoration in this way. 



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